Medical Legal Practice



1.    Advanced Medico-Legal training course,
       ‘Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Issues’ organised by specialist info, 19th February 2014, London
2.    Whiplash Conference, Leeds, May 2011
3.    Medicolegal Expert Witness Seminar, London, October 2010
4.    Refresher course on Civil Procedure Rules, Conducted by Bond Solon, Nov 2009
5.    ‘Clinical Negligence’ course, organised by Healthcare Knowledge limited, London, 2008.
6.    “The Expert witness certificate” awarded by Cardiff University- Bond Solon (CUBS)  London, 2007.
7.    Advanced Medico-Legal Report Writing Course by Professional Solutions Ltd - October 2005.
8.    Basic Medico-Legal Report Writing Course, by Professional Solutions Ltd London, October 2005.
9.    Medico-Legal Report Writing Course, February 2004


Trauma surgery, post traumatic reconstruction, hip and knee arthroplasty.


Report writing experience: 11 years
Claimant: Defendant: SJE Ratio 60:20:20 approx
Number of Reports per year: 300-350 (approx)
Average time from instruction to consultation: 3 weeks
Average time from consultation to report dispatch: 1-2 weeks
Khitish Mohanty has an established medico-legal practice in Cardiff. As a specialist trauma surgeon with interest in the surgery of lower limb degenerative disease, he accepts instructions on all types of personal injury cases. He currently accepts electronic instructions and is happy to discuss cases with solicitors prior to being instructed. He is happy to carry out domiciliary visit for selected cases.
Mr. Mohanty is able to provide comprehensive opinion on complex personal injury cases. He utilizes his wide ranging experience in managing trauma cases and also relies on the available body of literature in dealing with such cases.
Mr Mohanty specialises in dealing with personal injury cases resulting from high velocity road traffic accidents. Mr Mohanty deals with injuries to the pelvis area and with victims of multiple injuries. He deals with the sequels of such devastating injuries and routinely examines and provides opinion on such cases.
Mr Mohanty is happy to take up and discuss potential clinical negligence cases relating to trauma, fracture surgery and lower limb joint replacements (hip and knees). Mr Mohanty deals with clinical negligence cases resulting from accidents and personal injury and will provide a provisional screening based on clinical notes.